Make Your Child Happy – Send a Greeting Card

How stupid of me! A greeting card now and then, that’s all it took. And why didn’t think of this sooner? It’s so easy to make a child happy and it only takes a minute of my time. Let me tell you what happened. 


My son is only four years old and cannot read but each time (and that’s every day) he runs outside to fetch my mail, he is so disappointed when I tell him it’s all for me.  At first, I didn’t understand why (I am such a moron!), and he couldn’t explain it. He was just a bit sad.

Like I said, he cannot read yet but then I noticed…

… how proud he is when he recognizes his name (more or less, depends on how it’s written) on a piece of paper. And like I said I am a moron – why (expletives deleted) didn’t I act on it sooner? He wants to get now and then his own mail, that’s what he wants! Why? I can only guess. I think he feels then “more important”, more like a grown-up, or so. Yes, that sounds like a pretty good explanation. At least the best one I can come up with.


….Now, I send him a greeting card...

… at least once a week, and you should see the look in his eyes when he rushes back from the mailbox, breathlessly urging me to read it to him.

Sometimes, the greeting cards (I also use funny ones) are from me. Sometimes I praise and thank him for a chore well done such as cleaning his room, brushing his teeth without making a fuss and things like that. Or I invite him to an ice-cream, or going to the amusement park, or tell him I am at work right now and miss him terribly. Asking for advice is always something special.

He feels so empowered “helping me” taking a decision.

I did something else as well. Where ever I could and it also made sense (e.g. in my case, Amazon billing address when I order something for my son) I changed the recipient’s name to his!  

Kids love to get mail.  So send them a greeting card now and then.

It doesn’t take long to write one and the result is more than worth it. Even if your youngsters never searched the mailbox for something with their name on, try it out anyway. You will be surprised how happy and proud they are when they get one sent especially to them.


I wish you all a glorious day


Twixxie Twinklefy  ( 

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