About us

Twinklefy SweetDreams Playbooks and the crew:

Ducky Short

Editor in Chief

Ducky’s biggest wish is that the „Twinklefy SweetDreams Playbooks” are enjoyed by children all over the world. (FYIO: Ducky hates his last name. That’s why he‘s always wearing a gigantic red hat, but he would never, ever admit it.)

Bella Bunny

Public Relations

Sweet Bella decided it’s not enough to be active only during Easter and is now trying to establish a presence for Twinklefy Playbooks on the social media. She has little experience in this particular area (zero, to be accurate) and is grateful for all your suggestions to make it happen.

Cow lady with sweet hat

Carla Moo

Animal Protection Department

Carla is very engaged in all issues pertaining animal rights and wishes many more contribute to this noble cause.  Carla loves wearing eccentric hats, though not for the same reason as the boss (she is quite tall).


Piggy Banks

Chief Accountant

Piggy studied economics and is in charge of Twinklefy Playbooks’ financial matters. He also assists Carla in the Animal Protection Department. Piggy had a severe trauma as a child when he saw a little girl pointing at him and yelling: „Look, mummy, ham! “ Piggy doesn’t really need to wear glasses, but he so hopes it makes him look older.

Chickie Hensdottir

Music & Lyrics

Originally from Iceland, Chickie moved to Germany after being one of the first to be invited by Ducky Short to join Twinklefy Playbooks. She is so gentle and modest and a true inspiration for each and everyone in the team.

Bruno Moo Jr.

Videos & Animation

Carla‘s husband brings life to the Twinklefy Playbooks and has great fun doing it. Before moving to Germany he lived in Pamplona, but one day he got in a fight with a famous toreador and had to leave Spain muy rápido.

Twixxie Twinklefy

Author and Head of the Magic & Miracles Department

Twixxie is Pixxie’s twin sister (two minutes older, to be exact). Together with the Goodnight Fairy she grew up within a large community of Elves in Malahide, close to Dublin, Ireland.