Twinklefy SweetDreams Playbooks are specifically created for toddlers, pre-K and preschoolers to help them wind down and contentedly fall asleep. 

The feel-good content is carefully balanced between the right level of pre-bedtime entertainment capturing the children’s attention and a smooth, calming transition conducive to peacefully drifting off to dreamland.

Who hasn’t encountered this problem: It’s bedtime, but your little darling has other ideas. Night after night, nothing but dramadrama, drama.

Persuading youngsters to turn in can be excruciating. Why? Because we wrongly assume that, after the day’s excitement, it should be easy for children to wind down and fall asleep. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case. At bedtime, kids are still racing emotionally from all the things they’ve experienced in the last few hours – and they want the fun to continue. Going to bed feels like punishment.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem.

Created for children aged 1 to 5, our delightful Twinklefy SweetDreams Playbook allows you to share a special experience with your child, helping them to wind down and fall asleep. The secret of the playbook is that it transforms the moment many youngsters consider unfair into one they actually look forward to.

Our state of the art e-book starts by providing the right amount of entertainment to engage children. While you read the story, your child gets to participate, empowered by interactions with touch-screen animations and short videos. Instead of the restlessness that comes from reading conventional bedtime stories aloud, the combination of listening and hands-on activity results in a smooth transition from energy-filled daytime fun to sweet nocturnal dreams.

*for Apple (iPad, iPhone) & Android devices (tablets, smartphones)

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star – Adventure in the Sky” is about a world full of wonders, friendship and compassion. Children immediately identify with our heroes, trusting that they are well protected while asleep.  

The story centers around the adorable Doggy who is always trying to implement the worldly wisdoms his mom taught him. Together with Little Star and Pixxie, the Goodnight Fairy, he belongs to a “dream-team” that your children cannot help but love.

The Story: 

Doggy’s biggest wish is to finally meet Little Star, his all-time hero, who makes sure that children all over the world are safe at night. With the help of the Goodnight Fairy, who can make his bed fly faster than a rocket, Doggy joins his new friend high up in the sky. Siggy Seagull, Doggy’s neighbor from across the street is invited for the ride as well. But can he catch up with Doggy’s flying bed?

*for Apple (iPad, iPhone) & Android devices (tablets, smartphones)

Content: 62 beautifully illustrated pages, 15 short videos, 50 animations, over 70 interactions, Twixxie’s lullaby tuned to the sleep-inducing 432 Hz-frequency (9 min. audio), Twixxie’s audiobook (story + music in 432 Hz, 18 min.) and on top of all that: 3 Surprise Bonuses!

Click on the bonus-videos for a sneak preview.

Bonus 1: The “Adventure in the Sky” music-video (4:35 min). Click on the video for a sneak preview.

Bonus 2: The video enhanced 432 Hz “sleepy-making music” (60 min.)  Click on the video for a sneak preview.

Bonus 3: What if your child wants to enjoy Doggy’s adventure but you don’t have the time just then? Should this happen, we created for you a “hands-free” solution. Just place the screening device where your child can see it and start the video compilation (18 min). Click on the video for a sneak preview.


Christiane Rossmanith – teacher elementary school – Beautiful illustrations and a wonderful soothing music. Finally an animated book that is also suitable for very young children. Extremely good price for a product that offers so much. 

Vera Pollak – translator  – I enjoyed so much this book. It is very cute and colorful. My grandson just loves it. I can’t wait to  put him to bed and read him the story. It was the best buy I ever made.

Judith Hoffman – retired teacher – I liked these adventures in the sky. I bought it yesterday and I read it myself first. What a pleasure. My grand-daughter’s 4th birthday is tomorrow. This will be the perfect gift. 

Vanessa Toledo – This app was an unexpected pleasure.  We found a nice bedtime routine thanks to twinkle star.

Daniel Krasa – author –  Beautiful little details that pop up unexpectedly. So many things to discover, you can read the book many times without ever getting bored. 

Renate B. Woskowski – therapist -The characters emanate a very warm and personal atmosphere that gives the child a cosy and safe feeling. You can see that the creators have put a lot of energy in all the details.

Ingeburg B. Amodé – actress – Very educational to help the child understand to be polite and considerate in relation to other people. And the surprise bonuses are like wow! Great value for the money.